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We believe the power of moving together with the world about quarter century. PAZAR GROUP was established in 1970 and very well known food supplier all over the world. Our company is one of the biggest producer/exporter company in Turkey. Our main fields are food, textile and building industry. Nowadays, Pazar Group is exporting its hig hquality products to more than 35 countries in the world. We also have 24 super markets chains in Turkey. Our mission is to present quality product range at suitable prices and good conditions to the world market. Our vision is to get high role in the world market with its new products and sales strategies.. By help of our educated dynamic and innovative team, we reached hundreds of international partners. We always target more satistied customer portfolio. For us, the important thing isn’t only customer budget but also people’s health. . What made us succesfull is our ‘Customer Club’ since we got very good results that protect customers’ economy. Due to these innovative works, we always get % 100 customer satisfaction. Pazar Group has reached high potencial at international market and targets much more growing in it'sfields. Our main princible is to supply all products to our partners and give them all solutions what they need.


We aim “the best” in our customer focused business strategy.
Our most valuable asset is our human resource.
We aim to create value for development.
Business ethics and integrity is our indispensable principle.
We value being a world player as it strengthens our country.


Customer is the focus of everything we do.
Our top priority is to create value for our customers and to respond steadily to their expectations with quality. It is our duty to stand by our products for the long term. To be "the best" in everything we do is our ultimate goal.
To be the best in quality, in service, in supplier and dealer relationships, as an investment opportunity for our shareholders, and to sustain this public image are our primary goals. To achieve these goals we are committed to managing our businesses to be the leader in the market. Our most important capital is our people.
The quality of our products and services is based on the quality of our people.
For continuity of the Koç Group, we choose to recruit the best people, to provide opportunities for development and advancement, to fully utilize the talents, strength, and creativity of our people, and to create work environment which nourishes increased productivity, cooperation, and solidarity.
Creation of wealth for continuous development is our key objective.
Creation of value for our shareholders is a must for continuity of service, to invest in our future, to remain as the best investment opportunity, and to contribute to economic and social development of our people and our society. Therefore, creation of value, elimination of waste, and efficient utilization of all resources are our key objectivies.
Honesty, integrity, and superior business ethics are the foundations of our behavior.
The conduct of our business is pursued with good intentions, mutual benefit, and fair treatment in all our relationships. We are committed to conforming at all times to the highest ethical and legal standards. We are a leader in serving our society and protecting the interests of future generations. Protecting the environment and to spread this awareness is our duty to our country and the world.
We aspire to strengthen the Turkish economy from which we derive our own strength.